About Us

We are Dare2bi.

We shape data-driven companies.

Our Story

We come on board to assist our clients to benefit from rising data importance. New initiatives come with uncertainty; they cause turbulence and carry several risks. Dare2bi regularly helps to structure and manage such initiatives in a way that risks are mitigated, costs under control and (new) data opportunities exploited through innovation and business models.

We strive to deliver independent consultancy services of the highest quality. This means – on the ground, realistic way of working, delivering tangible results, while keeping the strategic direction in mind.

We are passionate to play around with new technologies and keep eyes on industry trends. Where applicable use it in benefit of our customers.

For years already we help our clients on data related challenges of strategy, training, organization, operations, and technology. Together we build knowledge, get concrete and shape a data-driven future.

Challenge us!

Our Skills

Data governance & management · 101%
Data Technology · 85%
Data innovation · 80%
Management Consulting · 90%
Business Processes · 80%
Training & coaching · 80%
International expertise · 35%


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